Babil, Irrfan’s son, makes his film debut: “Once I graduate around May, I will start looking for offers” | Bollywood

Babil, the son of Irrfan Khan gifted a book on acting, signed by the late actor, to his fans “for loan”. He also answered various questions from fans about acting and his own debut.

Sharing a photo of the book’s title page on Instagram, Babil simply captioned “To lend”. The book called Actors On Acting is edited by Toby Cole and Helen Krich Chinoy.

Many of his fans have shown interest in the book and Babil patiently answered questions about it and more. He called it “one of the best books on acting.” When asked when would he venture into the field of acting, Babil replied: “I am already in the field of acting, the question is when will I appear in a movie? . Once I graduate around May, I will start looking for offers. . “

A fan asked him to suggest a book on directing and scriptwriting, to which Babil named “Robert McKee’s ‘Story’ and Alexander Mackendrick’s ‘On filmmaking’.”

Babil had previously explained how Irrfan tried to raise the level of action in India, but was “beaten at the box office by guys with six pack abs”. Sharing one of his dad’s lessons, he wrote in an Instagram post: “You know one of the most important things my dad taught me as a film student? Before going to film school he warned me that I had to prove myself because Bollywood is rarely respected in world cinema and at such times I have to inform about Indian cinema which is beyond our control. Bollywood. “

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He further wrote: “My father gave his life trying to elevate the art of acting in the unfavorable Bollywood conditions of the 2000s and alas, for most of his journey, was defeated at the box office by dudes with six pack abs delivering theatrical-liners and defying the laws of physics and reality, photoshopped object songs, just blatant sexism and conventional portrayals of patriarchy (and you have to understand, be defeated at the box -office means that the majority of the investment in Bollywood will go to the winners, sending us into a vicious cycle).

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