Bleach vs. JoJo’s bizarre adventure: Ichigo Kurosaki or Jotaro Kujo

Bleachthe hero Ichigo Kurosaki is famous for his cool punk demeanor, Soul Reaper black dresses, shocking orange hair, and most importantly his ultra-spiked zanpakuto, Tensa Zangetsu. He faced all of the mightiest villains of Bleach and defeated them, but can he handle another shonen protagonist in mortal combat?

In JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Jotaro Kujo was the third hero of Joestar, a pragmatic high school student who quickly woke up his own booth, named Star Platinum. Star Platinum is an efficient melee warrior with amazing speed and punching power, and that, coupled with Jotaro’s quick wit, is a winning combination. Now, Jotaro will face his biggest challenge: Soul Reaper’s replacement, Ichigo Kurosaki.

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Powers and Abilities of Ichigo

Ichigo Bankai

Ichigo Kurosaki started out with a pretty basic set of moves but quickly got into motion. He acquired the powers of Soul Reaper when Rukia lent him his own power., and from that point on, Ichigo went through all kinds of training to get used to this new lifestyle. He trained under Kisuke Urahara to acquire his real zanpakuto, Zangetsu, and he mastered the shikai, then the bankai. Zangetsu’s shikai is like an elongated, sturdy and sharp but otherwise unremarkable butcher’s knife, and the bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, is something more. It’s a long, thin blade that grants Ichigo amazing speed, enough to rival Captain Byakuya Kuchiki. Ichigo’s shikai and bankai can unleash powerful blasts of energy from a distance called Getsuga Tensho, and Ichigo can also wrap the Getsuga Tensho around the blade of his zanpakuto to increase his strike power at close range.

Ichigo learned to tame his inner Hollow, a legacy of Captain Sosuke Aizen, and was quickly able to don his Hollow Mask to increase his combat power, speed and stamina. His Getsuga Tensho is also reinforced, turning black instead of blue. Finally, Ichigo has another layer in his Inner Hollow: his Vasto Lorde form. If Ichigo is mortally wounded, his side Vasto Lorde will emerge and requisition his body, healing him while granting him a strength that surpasses anything that has come before him, including a red cero that can rival the fearsome Cero Oscuras. Ichigo cannot control himself in this form, however, and tends to act like a berserker.

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Powerful Stand & Wits by Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro Kujo is a Stand user, and his Stand, Star Platinum, could be described as basic but effective compared to most other Stands. Star Platinum is a melee warrior, a humanoid with extreme toughness, speed and punching power, making him an ideal stand up close that can surprise other stands. Ranged Stands are quickly defeated as Star Platinum gets in close and Star Platinum can dodge enemy attacks with his remarkable reflexes and even catch bullets. Star Platinum has enough dexterity to also remove flesh buds from people’s foreheads, such as when Jotaro deftly removed Kakyoin’s bud of flesh in Stardust Crusaders, and Star Platinum can even extend its fingers to surprise the enemy.

This formidable melee power is supported by two things: Jotaro’s quick wit and a time-freezing power inspired by DIO’s. While Jotaro’s final battle with DIO in the streets of Cairo, Jotaro learned to imitate the World’s ability to stop time for a few seconds, and Jotaro quickly put that power on his master. This gives Jotaro an obvious advantage, allowing him to either take down his helpless foe or escape an untenable situation. Additionally, Jotaro has an intelligent and resourceful mind, able to understand enemy strategy and come up with counter-strategy before too long. Jotaro can also use mind games on his enemies, such as when he bluffed his way to victory over Daniel J. D’Arby, a Stand user and master bettor (and cheater). Jotaro is not easily intimidated or manipulated by taunts or threats.

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Ichigo versus. Jotaro – Who would win?

Bleach Ichigo Final Zangetsu

Ichigo and Jotaro have similar personalities, being tough, confident warriors who aren’t easily inclined to lose their temper. At first, they’ll even strike in their duel, as Ichigo uses his shikai against the mighty Star Platinum (for the sake of argument, Ichigo can see Star Platinum). Jotaro will get serious and take the lead, crushing Ichigo’s defenses with his Stand’s quick, hard punches and sharp reflexes. Ichigo is taking a few hits now, so it’s time for the bankai.

Now, Ichigo takes a slight lead, using his top speed and lightning pace to outsmart Jotaro and target Jotaro himself since Ichigo cannot destroy Star Platinum. Jotaro will find it difficult to defend himself and he will begin to take damage. Worse yet, his enemy’s fighting style is straightforward, and there’s no obvious way to turn Ichigo’s power against him or pull off an ingenious trick. Ichigo’s Hollow Mask will consolidate his lead, and he could take out Jotaro at this point if he can maneuver properly.

If Jotaro survives the Hollow Mask, he can hit the panic button and use his Time Freeze power. It only lasts a few seconds, but it should be enough for Star Platinum to land some serious hits. However, even that is still not enough. Once Ichigo cuts Jotaro again, it’s over. Ichigo is the winner.

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