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TEL AVIV, Israel — Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has a good chance of winning another national election later this month, but in case he doesn’t, some of his surrogates are already circulating an explanation: Bibi are planning to steal the vote.

The very Trumpian claim – backed up by no discernible evidence – is just one way Netanyahu’s campaign increasingly resembles that led by the former US president last year. Bibi has made baseless allegations against his rivals, deflected attention from coronavirus-related deaths and emphasized his own role in the successful vaccination campaign. He has even has an elder Breitbart journalist as his campaign advisor.

TEL AVIV, Israel — Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu has a good chance of winning another national election later this month, but in case he doesn’t, some of his surrogates are already circulating an explanation: Bibi are planning to steal the vote.

The very Trumpian claim – backed up by no discernible evidence – is just one way Netanyahu’s campaign increasingly resembles that led by the former US president last year. Bibi has made baseless allegations against his rivals, deflected attention from coronavirus-related deaths and emphasized his own role in the successful vaccination campaign. He has even has an elder Breitbart journalist as his campaign advisor.

In three previous votes in the past two years, Netanyahu has focused his campaign in part on his strong relationship with then-President Donald Trump, who enjoys great popularity in Israel. Giant billboards showed the two men entwined.

But with a Democrat now in the White House, the surrogates are focusing less on Trump and more on his playbook.

“Election fraud has happened,” warned Likud activist Iki Cohen, on Twitter at the start of the campaign in December.

Cohen and others have pointed to new electoral measures to accommodate pandemic voting, including an expansion of polling stations and mail-in ballots, as the kind of bureaucratic maneuver that opponents of the Deep State of Netanyahu could use to manipulate the tally.

According to recent polls, Netanyahu’s Likud party is expected to win more seats than any other parliamentary faction. Its political bloc of right-wing and religious parties is close to the 61-seat majority needed to control the Israeli parliament.

February Channel 13 television survey found The Israelis see him as the most suitable candidate for the job with an almost 2-1 advantage over his next closest rival, opposition leader Yair Lapid.

The strategy of sowing uncertainty over the legitimacy of the election would become useful as Plan B, in the event that Netanyahu fails to win a clear majority in parliament and fails to form a coalition, a bargaining process. that could last for weeks or months.

“It would help shape public consciousness that once again the institutional powers are working against Netanyahu to prevent him from staying in power,” said Yossi Dorfman, social media consultant and member of an activist movement that wants Netanyahu be removed from office on charges of corruption against him. “He wants to use this energy to put pressure on government institutions to rule in his favor” on the election results.

Changes instituted by Israel’s Central Election Commission, the body responsible for conducting the elections and chaired by a Supreme Court judge, will make voting more accessible to tens of thousands of Israelis suffering from or in COVID-19. quarantine. The committee adds thousands of polling stations – an increase of more than a third – to enable social distancing; offer races to voters limited by the pandemic; almost double the number of postal ballots; and the opening of driving polling stations.

As in the recent US election, these changes are likely to slow down the vote count and inject more uncertainty into the process. (in the last elections, 7.2% of Israelis voted absent compared to 46% in the United States.) This uncertainty could open the door to allegations of fraud.

Even before the announcement of the new voting measures was made, the prime minister’s surrogates on social media, including his son Yair Netanyahu, attacked the integrity of the Central Election Commission and accused him of throwing the countdowns against Netanyahu in previous elections.

Yair Netanyahu frequently plays the role of social media attack dog on behalf of his father.

“I suddenly remembered how the elections [in Israel] were stolen via double envelopes, ” Yair Netanyahu tweeted in November 2020, using the Israeli term for postal ballots.

Attacks on social media have focused on allegations that the Supreme Court judge who chairs the committee, Uzi Fogelman, is a tool of the Israeli left.

“What is going on here is no less serious than what Trump and his surrogates did to the masses on the eve of the rise to Capitol Hill,” wrote Ben Caspit, an Israeli political columnist, in the Maariv newspaper. “It starts with a smart-aleck sitting high up in Balfour Street [the prime minister’s Jerusalem residence] and then trickle down to a well-oiled system that can effectively spread the message over a large infrastructure. “

Like Trump, Netanyahu grapples with disgruntled members of his own party who pushed Likud to run an opposition campaign. The group could potentially partner with central and leftist Israeli parties after the election to form an alternative coalition and end Netanyahu’s 12-year rule. (He was also Prime Minister for three years in the 1990s.)

And he has embarked on a surprise voter education campaign among Israel’s Arab minority, hoping they will forget about his use of anti-Arab whistles in the past to scare greater turnout among his loyalist base of Israel. right. Netanyahu has touted his 2015 plan to invest around $ 4.6 billion to improve services in Arab-Israeli cities, although much of that money has yet to be spent due to bureaucracy.

Unlike Trump, Netanyahu has largely refrained from lending his own voice to the delegitimization campaign launched by his supporters on social media.

The campaign to target the legitimacy of the election works as a diffuse echo chamber rather than a disciplined top-down messaging operation, a digital media expert said.

“I don’t think anyone at Balfour is coordinating all of these efforts. You don’t need to have people sitting around the same table, ” said Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler, member of the Israel Democracy Institute. “It’s a more complicated picture. It’s more like a collection of independent players, everyone who knows what role they’re playing. This is what Trump has done with such genius. And that’s what I think Likud is trying to do.

Providers on social media platforms range from loyalist Netanyahu lawmakers and Likud activists to right-wing organizations and grassroots activists.

Earlier this year, far-right Israeli non-governmental organization Im Tirtzu launched a campaign titled “Stop fraudEchoing allegations of electoral fraud in the United States. The organization alleges corruption in the counting of votes in Arab-Israeli districts.

Im Tirtzu, who has raised millions of dollars from American donors in campaigns against left-wing Israeli groups, also accused the Central Election Commission of miscounting the votes in the previous three elections without providing any evidence. Describing its campaign as an “electoral integrity initiative,” the organization called on its supporters to monitor polling stations for voter corruption or other mischief during the March 23 vote.

“As long as there is no control by the Central Election Commission, right-wing votes won’t matter !!!” complained Ream Shai, a Likud supporter, in a January 21 post on Facebook. “What happened in the United States will happen here too !!!!”

Some analysts wonder if the disinformation campaign could end in violence similar to the January 6 assault on the United States Capitol.

But Jonathan Rynhold, a political science professor at Bar-Ilan University, pointed out that since Netanyahu also faces right-wing opponents, it will be difficult to argue that a left-wing cabal has stolen power.

“You are going to have two big center-right parties, and however that is cut, they will be at odds with Netanyahu,” he said.

Altshuler expressed concern that social media platforms and Israeli authorities are not doing enough to tackle the disinformation campaign.

“Just like what happened in America, the authorities here don’t see the big picture,” she said. “I don’t see how the Israeli authorities are trying to deal with this. “

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Developers may soon have to pay thousands more to demolish residential buildings in Pilsen, near Bloomingdale Trail – CBS Chicago Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

CHICAGO (CBS) – Aldermen on Monday put forward a plan to impose thousands of dollars in additional fees on anyone seeking to demolish single-family homes and apartment buildings in Pilsen and near the popular Bloomingdale Trail, in the latest attempt to curb gentrification in these regions.

The ordinance approved by a 20-11 vote of the city council’s finance committee on Monday would add an additional $ 15,000 for permits to demolish single-family homes, townhouses or apartments in either. zone as part of a one-year pilot program. . Demolition permits for large apartment buildings would require an additional $ 5,000 per unit.

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The revenue from the additional fees would go to the city’s Affordable Housing Fund, which collects various fees from developers to help subsidize affordable housing initiatives in low-income neighborhoods.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot presented the plan to city council in February, a month after aldermen approved an anti-deconversion ordinance that would make it more difficult to transform existing multi-unit buildings into single-family homes in much of the neighborhood of Pilsen and near the Bloomingdale Trail, also known as 606.

Ald. Daniel La Spata (1st), whose neighborhood includes part of the Bloomingdale Trail, said that despite the city’s best efforts since the trail was completed to increase the number of affordable units in the area, “we are losing the war on gentrification and the segregation”.

La Spata said developers helping gentrification near 606 and Pilsen should do more to pay for the loss of affordable housing.

“I would say our communities have been paying these costs for years because of the loss of affordability, because of the environmental impact of unnecessary demolitions. We pay the fees right away. It just makes those who contribute to those costs – to our city, to our community – really accountable, ”he said. “If we want to act effectively against segregation and against gentrification in our communities, this is an essential tool. “

Some aldermen questioned the legality of requiring a surcharge on demolition permits only in specific parts of town, with Ald. Nicolas Sposato (38e) warning: “We are going to have a trial.”

However, Lightfoot administration officials said they were confident the surcharge would stand up to legal scrutiny.

Deputy attorney for the Weston Hanscom company said state law allows municipalities to tax demolition contractors. He also said that the Constitution’s “uniformity clause” requires reasonable justification of the lines that would be drawn in this type of targeted fee.

“We understand that the problem addressed here is certainly a problem in this particular area,” said Hanscom. “This can be a somewhat subjective call so I don’t mean to say I’m 100% sure what would happen, but in my opinion after many years of doing this and dealing with many cases involving this issue , I believe it is lawful.

Supporters of the ordinance also noted that Evanston already levies an additional tax on demolition permits for residential structures.

While one of 20 council members who voted in favor of the surcharge, Ald. Georges Cardenas (12e) wondered if this would really reduce gentrification in the targeted areas, arguing that wealthy developers would pay the extra “without hesitation”.

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“The guy with the money, that’s okay,” he said. “They will gladly pay this tax, no doubt. If you build a million dollar mansion, $ 10,000 won’t make any difference.

Cardenas also warned of the unintended consequences, suggesting it would deter some families from trying to increase the size of existing homes.

“I don’t know what will happen in six months, but what I do know is that this policy will add an additional cost to people who may want to live together, but they may want to create housing for them. their whole family. , “he said.” That’s what it’s going to be, a tax on them after being hit hard, after a pandemic, after having gone through the heartbreaking experience of part of the family losing their home. “

Ald. Byron Sigcho-Lopez (25)e), whose neighborhood includes part of Pilsen, said demolition costs should be higher.

“Make no mistake, this is not going to hurt the small owner, it is going to help us regulate some of the types of free development that we have seen in our communities,” he said.

The ordinance provides for exemptions from the demolition surcharge if at least half of the units to be replaced will be reserved as affordable housing, or if demolition is necessary for health or safety reasons.

The ordinance is now forwarded to full city council for review on Wednesday.

In other cases, aldermen have approved the use of $ 17.6 million in tax increase funding to help pay for improvements and repairs to 17 public parks across the city this year.

Additionally, after a month-long delay caused by complaints about discriminatory lending practices by the banking sector, the aldermen approved a list of 13 banks that will serve as the city’s municipal custodians in 2021.

The measure was originally put to a vote in February, but was postponed for a month as aldermen sought to pressure banks to start lending more to black and Latino owners and businesses.

City comptroller Reshma Soni said the Lightfoot administration was holding meetings with aldermen, housing advocates, the city treasurer’s office and the legal department to discuss a plan to start work on the choice of municipal depositories for the city 2022 earlier than usual this year, with the hope of getting banks to agree to better lending practices.

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Treasurer Melissa Conyears-Ervin also said she plans to create a “Municipal Custodian Working Group” over the next month to recommend ways to improve the municipal custodian selection process and help engage more neighborhood banks.

Less lending to farmers limits overall lending activity – Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

The Kansas City Federal Reserve says a slower pace of farm finance activity continued in the third quarter of 2020. Total non-real estate farm lending volume remained subdued amid continued weakness in the agriculture sector , in part thanks to developments regarding COVID-19.

The National Farmer Loan Conditions Survey shows that despite growing 15% from the previous year, the total volume of non-real estate loans in the third quarter of 2020 was below the 20-year trend for this period. Loans for operating expenses increased from last year, but were still lower than the previous three years. Loans to finance fattening livestock and agricultural machinery followed a similar trend, while the volume of loans for other animals remained stable. All other loans declined for the second year in a row, further weighing on the overall lending volume.

The number of new loans granted to farmers has also declined for almost all types of loans. The total amount of loans extended to farmers declined, reflecting a 12 percent drop in the number of farm loans.

As in the previous quarter, government payments and loan programs may have offset both declining farm incomes and the financing needs of some farm borrowers in the third quarter.

(From the National Association of Agricultural Broadcasters)

Actor Jamie Foxx Now Owns BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000 Actor Jamie Foxx is now the owner of BSB-Brown Bourbon Sugar, recently announced the company behind it. The brand is relaunching new redesigned bottles to launch the new era of BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon. Flavored bourbon, known for what are described as sweet notes of brown sugar and cinnamon, is apparently an award-winning spirit, having twice won the “World’s Best Flavored Whiskey” award.

The company also offers BSB 103 – a stronger brand with less sweetness and more bourbon flavor.

As the owner, Foxx will be involved both creatively and financially. He puts his entrepreneurial spirit at the service of the expansion of the brand and guides the creative direction of the company.

Actor Jamie Foxx now owns BSB-Brown Sugar Bourbon (Image via BSB)

“I’ve always lived by the rule that life is short, and you have to go out and do whatever you want to do. Owning a brand that brings sweetness to the party has always been a goal and with BSB we achieve it, ”Foxx said in a prepared statement. “Before my 40s I saw bottles of BSB go missing at all of my celebrations and I knew this was a brand I wanted to put in the spotlight. Anyone who tries BSB will love it like me.

Brown Sugar Bourbon’s offerings are great for sipping, pulling and mixing into cocktails, the company said.

“We are extremely fortunate that Jamie was introduced to our brand at one of his legendary parties,” said Sean M. Penn, CEO of BSB Spirits, in a prepared statement. “I have no doubt that Jamie will take BSB to new heights. We can’t think of any better creative force than Jamie, and we can’t wait to see him introduce BSB to the world.

No, Tom Hanks is not dead Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

About a year ago, on March 11, 2020, actor Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, had tested positive for COVID-19 in Australia, where he was filming a movie.

Social media posts at time of posting Pants on fire claims the diagnosis was a cover for criminal charges.

Now, a new position which is widely shared on Instagram alleges that Hanks died in Australia days after announcing he had COVID-19.

What looks like a March 13, 2020 headline reads “Coronavirus Takes Tom Hanks Life.” He attributes the information to a “Queensland Health spokesperson”.

This post was reported as part of Facebook’s efforts to tackle fake news and disinformation on its news feed. (Learn more about our partnership with Facebook.)

There is no information to support this claim.

The screenshot of the story that appears in the Instagram post was taken from a website called Although the original story has since been deleted, a archived version of the report says “News24″ at the top, giving credence to the idea that this is a credible news site. But scroll down and you’ll see this disclaimer: “This is satire. ”

And there is plenty of evidence to disprove the claim that Hanks died in March 2020.

A few weeks after its COVID-19 announcement, the US media were report that Hanks and Wilson were both back in the United States and were photographed driving in Los Angeles, where they live.

The daily mail published photos of Hanks who appear in the Facebook post in May 2020. Captions in the images say Hanks is in Los Angeles, not Australia.

On April 11, Hanks, hosted a remote special episode of “Saturday Night Live”.

And in January, Hanks, now 64, hosted an evening of celebration of the inauguration of President Joe Biden.

We rate this Instagram post Pants on Fire!

Keanu Reeves to star in live-action film and animated series for Netflix Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

Keanu Reeves recently entered the comic book business with a limited 12-part comic book series centered around his millennia-old brawler, BRZRKR. And now Netflix has gone ahead and announced that the universe depicted in Keanu Reeves’ comics will be explored by the streaming juggernaut himself, who has contacted the actor as well as Boom! Studios with a live film proposal based on the character and an animated series that will explore the world that BRZRKR lives in Keanu Reeves comics. The announcement was made by Netflix itself through one of its Twitter accounts. The same can be found below.

Netflix announces that a live-action BRZRKR movie, as well as an animated series, is in development:

More details on the film as well as the Anime series:

Reeves is set to star and produce the live-action feature, and will be heard voicing the Anime version of his character, CinemaBlend reports. As for the former, the frames of Boom! Studios, namely Ross Richie and Stephen Christy are also attached to the same as producers. The comic book series, which was co-created by Reeves, Matt Kindt, and artist Ron Garney, follows its weary world protagonist who simply calls himself B, a half-mortal and a demigod who stepped on Earth. for about 80,000 years.

In contemporary times, he began to take on US government assignments that no other military official would undertake. In return, all he wants to know is the reason for its existence and how he can end it. Regarding Keanu Reeves’ association with other comic book companies, a Squire a report dated February 9, 2021 claimed that Reeves was offered to play Kraven the Hunter by Marvel Head Honcho Kevin Fiege in a solo film. But, in the first few days of the past month, fans of the actor heard the end of development. More details on future projects of the John wick actor will be shared with readers as and when they are made available.

(Image credit: NX on Netflix Twitter)

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Mortgages Boost AIB ‘Green Loans’ Growth During Covid-19 Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

Green loans at AIB increased by a fifth last year to € 1.46 billion, in defiance of a drop in global lending amid Covid-19, with the increase in this segment being driven by customers benefiting from cheaper mortgage rates for energy efficient homes.

The bank said in its fifth annual sustainability report that the new green loans, also including financing for renewable projects, electric vehicles and projects to help customers transition to a low-carbon economy, have surpassed its € 1 billion target for last year.

The company said earlier this month that its global loans had fallen 25% to 9.2 billion euros, as households and businesses focused on preserving their financial position during the pandemic. Green loans accounted for 16% of all new loans, the bank said in its sustainability report.

Lower fixed rate

AIB said customers withdrew 335 million euros in green mortgages last year, up from 45 million euros in business at the end of 2019, when the product was first launched.

Customers whose home has a Building Energy Rating (BER) between A1 and B3 can currently benefit from, for example, a five-year green fixed rate of 2.1% on a property with a loan / loan ratio. value is less than 50 percent. A comparable standard five-year loan has a rate of 2.35 percent. According to the bank, green mortgages accounted for 14% of mortgage drawdowns last year.

“The biggest challenge”

AIB declares its green loans to the so-called Global Reporting Initiative, an international standards organization. Deloitte provided assurance on the bank’s reports.

“Managing climate change is the biggest challenge facing this generation,” said AIB CEO Colin Hunt.

Mr Hunt, who took over as AIB two years ago, set a target last November of green loans representing 70% of new customer advances by 2030, as the state and the The EU are seeking to meet the targets for reducing carbon emissions to ‘net zero’ by 2050.

AIB and its rival Bank of Ireland each aim for net zero carbon emissions from their own operations by the end of the decade.

Keanu Reeves’ hyper-violent comic ‘BRZRKR’ is coming to Netflix Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

Internet’s Favorite Celebrity Keanu Reeves Brings His Hyper-Violent Comic BRZRKR to Netflix as a live-action film and animated series.

Keanu reeves BRZRKR was picked up by Netflix, where the streaming service plans to adapt the title into a short animated series as well as a live-action movie. Reeves will be the main character in both adaptations.

It’s a welcome sign of good things to come after her recent appearance in Cyberpunk 2077 was a glitch flop, To say the least.

BRZRKR was released by Boom Studios, which in April 2020 signed a first agreement with Netflix. This has effectively given the streaming platform a massive catalog of franchises to adapt for their services.

BRZRKR tells the story of an 80,000-year-old immortal warrior who made his way into the 21st century. The story picks up after the main character decides to work with the U.S. government in exchange for learning more about himself and how to finally end his life.

The story was co-written by Reeves as well as Matt Kindt, and currently has up to 12 issues. The illustrations are directed by Ron Garney – who has worked on projects such as daredevil and Wolverine – his harsh style lending a definite advantage to the violent storyline of comics.

BRZRKR has already been a huge success. The series has managed to raise US $ 2 million in crowdfunding and has already sold 615,000 copies. Fans of the show gave it a respectable 8.5 / 10 rating on Comic Book Round-Up.

Sadly, we don’t know when we can watch handsome Keanu make his way through time, but you can read it here. More Keanu Reeves, please.

How designer John Sharp created an outdoor oasis for ‘Ratched’ actor Charlie Carver – The Hollywood Reporter Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

The night Charlie Carver envisioned a winding outdoor oasis behind his Silver Lake bungalow happened long before the lockdown. Two years ago, one night the actor gave a moonlit mandolin recital at his home – “I ordered a non-refundable mandolin, and it became an excuse to throw a really cool garden party. he says – Carver and landscape designer John Sharp found himself wandering the property’s long neglected pepper, ficus and weed fall. Sloping steeply towards the 1903 house on double land, much of the garden was shaded by a sprawling century-old fig tree.

Nevertheless, Carver (ratchet, The boys of the group) could see past overgrown shrubs. “I wanted to bring a part of Northern California to Southern California,” says the 32-year-old new owner, who grew up near Napa Valley on a “run-down farm and cornfield” his mother turned into. “A beautiful garden and renovated house. But Carver’s vision went beyond childhood memories: the key to his concept was an outdoor entertainment space. And not just one but a series of spaces that could invite (post-COVID) people on a path of discovery. “When John arrived we were imagining little landings all the way up the slope with the idea of ​​how fun it would be to party and stop and gather at a small station before continuing to the station. next, ”Carver explains.

Last spring, Sharp, founder of Studio John Sharp, said Carver decided to take the project from a “fun dinner conversation to an actual actualization.” Work began at the start of the pandemic, but Sharp was far from alone. Instead, in a sort of genetic echo chamber, the team involved Carver and his identical twin, actor Max Carver, sometimes lending a hand, along with Sharp and his twin, Nick. “I didn’t spend a lot of time with other pairs of identical twins,” says Carver, who worked alongside Max in Teen wolf and The batman, who took the brothers to London for filming last summer. “Dealing with the dissonance between John and Nick being completely alike yet being completely different individuals was kind of a journey. It helped me realize that I was probably facing the same confusion that my brother and I encountered.

Today, the fruits and flowers of those efforts have (almost) fully blossomed in a three-level garden that curves from a living room level fitted with neutral-toned sink seating, to a lounge area. English garden and, finally, a large dining / barbecue area. “We wanted it to look like a country garden, accessible and not too high – a back home and wellness space,” says Sharp, who completed the Sophia Bush garden in 2019 while also working on the landscaping. landscaping of properties by architects Richard Neutra. and John Lautner.

And while Carver still travels to London for the filming of The batman, its home base has taken on a new dimension. “Plants give you such a sense of belonging,” he says. “I’ve felt this all my life, and I have it right now in a way that feels like a portrait of this house and what I want from this space. It’s like the start of a new chapter. “

The dining terrace.

This story first appeared in the January 20 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. Click here to subscribe.

“Star Wars” Voice Actor, “Powerpuff Girls” Tom Kane Loses Speaking Ability Due to Stroke Tue, 23 Mar 2021 06:02:13 +0000

Voice actor Tom Kane, famous for playing Yoda in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and villainous HIM in “The Powerpuff Girls”, has been largely unable to speak or read after suffering a stroke.

Kane’s daughter, Sam, revealed the news on the actor’s Facebook page, saying it’s unclear whether or not his father will ever recover.

“Our family wanted to share why my dad was MIA,” she wrote. “About two months ago he had a left-sided stroke which caused weakness on his right side and damage to the speech center of his brain. This means that at this moment, he cannot communicate effectively verbally, nor read or spell.

Sam wrote that his father is “still knowledgeable and very himself” but is unable to say more than a few words.

“As many of you may know about stroke, it is possible for her to recover these functions and we have found her excellent care in Kansas City for speech therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.” , she writes. “But for now, we have been warned by his neurologist that he will no longer be able to do a voiceover.”

Prior to his stroke, Kane was a prolific voice actor, lending his voice to hundreds of television series and video games. He was recently the narrator of Sarah Cooper’s Netflix special “Everything’s Alright” and lent his voice to the “LEGO Star Wars” vacation special on Disney +.

His most important role was to voice Yoda in the animated series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”, but his credit list also includes “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends”, “The Wild Thornberrys”, “Johnny Bravo”, in plus vocals the HIM fan favorite villain on “The Powerpuff Girls” and the oft-mutilated Butler Woodhouse on “Archer.”

Sam wrote that his father “stays in a good mood”, noting that his “extreme stubbornness has already helped him show improvements in speech.”