Gadget 2021 highlights: from foldable phones to noise-canceling headphones

SINGAPORE – From foldable phones to laptops with desktop-grade graphics cards, The Straits Times is bringing together some of the 2021 gadgets that have made headlines and made people talk.

Smart phones

Samsung foldable phones

For better or worse, a phone with a flexible screen that opens like a book to become a device with a larger screen is always the buzz.

Among the latest foldable handsets released this year, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 are arguably the most interesting, in part due to the South Korean tech giant’s big lead in this space.

Samsung claimed in October that it sold more foldable phones in the first month of their last release in the United States than in the previous two years.

Many tech experts have also pointed out the improvements in new phones. For example, both are water resistant, unlike previous editions. The protective layer covering the foldable screens of phones prevents scratches better than previous versions.

Even so, critics have warned that flexible screens are still made of a very thin layer of glass and are more susceptible to damage than traditional glass screens.

Another problem with the Fold3 is that it is still very expensive even though it costs around $ 500 less than last year’s Fold2 – the Fold3 starts at $ 2,398 compared to this year’s Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. which starts at $ 1,798 and has a technically superior camera system.

iPhone 13 Pro

Judging by the latest versions of the iPhone, Apple seems to have taken some reviews of its Pro handsets from last year to heart.

Critics were then unimpressed that the iPhone 12 Pro was not doing enough to differentiate itself from the iPhone 12.

But many felt that this year’s iPhone 13 Pro performs better overall than the iPhone 13, and has a higher refresh rate for smoother visuals.

The Pro stands out for its photo-taking capabilities, especially its ability to select details even in low light in photos.

But the Pro falls somewhat short when it comes to a title feature – the new cinematic mode for videos.

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