Hackers pwned Apple Safari in 20 seconds; Google Pixel in 60 seconds

The recent PWNFEST takes Google and Apple back to basics – Hackers took advantage of the Google Pixel browser and Apple Safari – Before that, the same hackers hacked Microsoft Edge and VMware in seconds.

PWNFEST is an event held in Seoul, South Korea, where teams of white hat hackers come to compete for cash prizes. The prices are conditional on the discovery of a vulnerability in the latest software and devices developed by various technology companies.

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Yesterday we reported how a group of Chinese and South Korean hackers hacked Microsoft Edge and VMware. This time around, attendees gave tech giants Google and Apple a hard time after they achieved a feat in their latest products, Google Pixel and Safari on MacOS Sierra respectively.

Google Pixel hacked in less than 60 seconds

A team by the name of Qihoo 360 from South Korea managed to break into the Google Pixel Android smartphone within a minute. Qihoo 360 demonstrated an exploit that allowed hackers to carry out a remote code execution attack on the Pixel. The attack launched the Google Play Store, then the mobile version of Google Chrome before displaying a degradation message indicating “Pwned by 360 Alpha Team”.

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As a result, the team pocketed the cash prize of $ 120,000 for discovering the vulnerability. In addition, he also discovered some weaknesses in Microsoft Edge – the latest Windows 10 internet browser – as well as Adobe Flash. A total of $ 520,000 went to Qihoo 360.

Apple Safari hacked in 20 seconds

Just like Qihoo 360, a team by the name of Pangu and JH from China managed to hack Safari running on MacOS Sierra in just 20 seconds. The hack allowed them to access the app as root. Pangu also managed to jailbreak the latest version of iOS.

Credit: The Register


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The effort led to the teams winning a total of $ 100,000 at PWNFEST. As for Apple, Microsoft and Google, they have all embarked on the mission of fixing these vulnerabilities as quickly as possible before unauthorized access takes place. Currently, details of the exploits have not been made public, but the owners and sellers of the platform have been made aware.

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