How to customize iOS 9 app switcher

The new Lylac jailbreak setting allows you to customize iOS 9 app switcher on iPhone in many amazing ways, improving your overall experience using your mobile device.

The iOS app switcher has always been unremarkable at best, no matter how many times Apple has given it an update. It’s the jailbreak community that has always strived to improve its functionality and take things to a whole new level, and the same has also happened today, with a new jailbreak tweak that goes by the name of Lylac, available to download right away.

At first glance, Lylac looks like any other feature enhancing tweak, but when you lift the lid and take a look at what’s inside, things start to get better.

Lylac hosts a bunch of cool features, and one of them is “Multi-Center” which combines the Application Switcher and Control Center in a “seamless” way. Instead of having separate access to the Control Center and the Application Switcher, Lylac’s Multi-Center feature integrates the two in ways that one would not have imagined. Take note of this feature, Apple.


iOS 9 on the iPhone 6s has 3D Touch and lets you switch between apps by pressing hard on the far left of the screen. But with Lylac, you can simply trigger the app switcher by pressing hard on the far right of the screen. A very practical addition, given that we naturally hold our smartphones with our right hand.

Lylac gives you more power in your hands by letting you swipe up to close background apps, or swipe down in the app switcher to invoke additional actions. On top of that, you also have the option to whitelist apps, so they don’t close in the background even if you try to do so.

Finally, Lylac completes it all by bringing a large number of customizable options to the user, such as the ability to change the amount of blur, shift effects and so on from the app switcher.


Since Lylac is a feature rich tweak, so it comes with a price tag. Therefore, you have to pay $ 1.99 to take advantage of it, and the tweak is available for download directly from the BigBoss repo. The tweak is only compatible with iPhone, so keep that in mind before you download.

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