How to fix iOS 14 update issues on Apple iPhone and iPad

Apple has already released its long-awaited iOS 14 update for its line of devices. The new update for Apple iPhone, iPad promises several new features and a host of improvements for users. You can update your device to the latest iOS 14 update via OTA (Over-The-Air) update or you can connect your device to your computer / mac to update the device.

In general, the iOS update process is smooth for most users, but for some people it becomes a headache. Many people are already complaining on Apple support and social media sites about the issues they face when upgrading their device to the latest iOS 14.

Many people are complaining about several iOS 14 update issues like iPhone hit on Apple logo, white screen, black screen and other kinds of issues. One of the solutions to these types of update issues is to restore the device by connecting to computer or Mac.

However, some people encounter problems again while restoring the device. So how can you fix these issues and easily update to iOS 14? Well, today we are going to tell you about AnyFix- iOS System Recovery. With the help of AnyFix, you can easily fix iOS 14 update issues.

Today we are going to review the AnyFix – iOS System Recovery. We will walk you through the complete procedure to troubleshoot the issues using the software. The software is available on Windows and Mac operating systems.

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery Features:

It comes with several features. Let’s take a look at some of the main features:

  1. Fixed over 130 iPhone / iPad / iPod touch / Apple TV system issues:

With the help of AnyFix iOS System Recovery, you solve over 130 system issues related to Apple iPhone, iPad or Apple TV devices. It is able to fix all iOS / iPadOS / tvOS related issues and other system related issues on Apple devices. It can fix and repair over 50 iPhone issues, over 40 iPad issues, over 20 iPod touch issues, and over 20 Apple TV issues.

It can also help to fix issues like charging issue, screen disabled, stuck Apple logo issue, battery draining, touch screen not working, boot loop and several other related issues. to Apple iPhone or iPad.

  1. Standard repair – repair without data loss:

If you are a long time Apple user, you might know that even due to a little software glitch, you have to give up all your data. The Apple restore process erases all data. But if you are using AnyFix, you can fix normal issues like not charging, draining battery etc. while keeping all data on your device intact.

  1. Advanced and Ultimate Repair:

Besides the standard repair, the software also offers advanced and ultimate repair options. These options relate to more complex issues. To solve complex problems, the data on your Apple device will be erased. If you have problems like stuck Apple logo, won’t update, won’t restart, etc., you can use Advanced Repair.

For more complex issues like frozen, stuck in black / white / blue screen or DFU mode, or even won’t turn on etc., AnyFix iOS – System Recovery offers the ultimate repair mode. This mode can repair the device from any kind of problem.

  1. 1 Click iOS Upgrade / Downgrade:

One of the best features of AnyFix iOS – System Recovery is 1-Click Upgrade / Downgrade. With the help of this feature, you can easily go back to the old version of iOS if you don’t like the new features or if your devices get stuck on a newer version of iOS. It also helps to easily upgrade your device’s iOS / iPadOS with just one click.

  1. Solve over 200 complex iTunes problems:

AnyFix iOS – System Recovery not only helps you fix iOS issues, the software also helps you fix iTunes issues. You can resolve several complicated errors that prevent you from syncing your device to your PC / Mac. It can fix iTunes errors like error 0x8000015, error 9009, error 0xe000015, error 5105, etc.

How to Fix iOS 14 Update Issues Using AnyFix iOS – System Recovery:

In this guide to AnyFix iOS – System Recovery, we will walk you through how to fix and fix iOS 14 update issues.

Step 1: The first step to fix iOS update issue on your device is to get the software. Download and install AnyFix iOS Data Recovery. You can download Windows or Mac version depending on your system configuration. Once the file has downloaded, install the software.

2nd step: After installing the software, open it by double-clicking the icon. Connect your iOS device to the computer. You should also make sure that Apple iTunes is installed on the computer where you want to repair and recover your Apple device.

Step 3: Once the device is detected by the software, click on the System Repair button to continue. After that, select 50+ iPhone issues if you are using iPhone or select as per your device and click on Start Now button. You will now have three options. One of the options is Standard Mode, the second option is Advanced Mode, and Superior Mode is Ultimate Mode. If you are having normal issues like iPhone stuck on Apple logo, black screen, not turning on or other normal issues, click on standard mode. This mode will repair the device without data loss.

Step 4: If you are having complex issues, you can select advanced repair or ultimate repair options. For normal iOS issues, you select Standard Repair and click Standard Repair. Now AnyFix – iOS System Recovery will download the appropriate firmware and fix the problem.

Step 5: Your device has now been successfully repaired. You can now use your iPhone.


AnyFix – iOS System Recovery comes with several pricing options. The company offers monthly, annual and lifetime plans. The basic one-month plan costs $ 35.99. However, if you regularly use Apple iPhone or iPad, you should choose an annual plan which costs $ 39.99. If you are using multiple devices, you can opt for AnyFix iOS System Recovery Lifetime Plan. This plan offers the best value as it works on 5 devices and costs $ 59.99 and is valid for life. If you have more than 5 devices, choose a multi-user plan that starts at $ 69.99 for 10 devices.

Final thoughts:

AnyFix – iOS System Recovery is one of the best software whenever you have software problem on your Apple iPhone or iPad device. In our review, the software solved the problem on time without lengthy procedures. So if you have an Apple device then AnyFix iOS System Recovery is a must. By the way, if you encounter the problem of data loss while upgrading, Phone can help you recover lost data.

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