IOS 10 jailbreak tool released: works on iPhone 7

We know the exploits kept iOS 10 jailbroken for a few months, with prominent figures in the jailbreak community working on the next generation of tools showing working jailbreaks on Apple’s latest iOS version. However, we haven’t seen a public tool released since Pangu’s semi-unattached jailbreak for iOS 9.2-9.3.3 in July.

Fortunately, there is some real official news – an iOS 10 jailbreak tool exists and you can download it now, thanks to Italian hacker Luca Todesco, alias.

However, there is some bad news. It’s only in beta form, which means there will likely be some bugs and stability issues. Second, it’s only in a semi-unattached form, so you’ll have to re-jailbreak your device on every reboot.

The latter is not too much of a problem – we had to do this with the previous Pangu Jailbreak, although there it was very easy as it was enough to run the tool through an app on the device. You don’t need to connect your device to a PC at all.

However, the stability issues are probably a snap – the jailbreak is only in beta form and has so far only been tested on the iPhone 7/7 Plus, 6S / 6S Plus, and the iPad Pro. However, there is an even bigger problem – the jailbreak tool is only compatible with iOS 10.1.1.

The jailbreak community had heard rumors about the release of the tools, but was the problem leaving the sanctity of the stable 9.3.3 Pangu and upgrading to 10.1.1 or staying put? Many have chosen the latter for obvious reasons, but those who have upgraded have encountered stability issues, although it is hoped that the tool will be upgraded.

As Apple recently stopped signing iOS 10.1.1 – it was already updated to iOS 10.2 on December 12th, if you’re not currently on 10.1.1, there’s no way to jailbreak.

The Pangu team was absent this time, Luca Todesco bringing the tool to the community

There is one silver lining, however, and that is that we still haven’t heard from other jailbreak teams, who may offer a tool – maybe even a fully independent version at some point. In addition, a program called Prometheus TSSChecker will provide the option of backing up your SHSH blobs on any version of iOS and to upgrade or downgrade iOS to any version you have SHSH blobs for whether or not that version is signed at that time.

This could be very useful for jailbreaking – for example, you could have saved your SHSH blobs for iOS 9.3.3, upgraded to 10.1.1, also saved SHSH blobs for this version, then downgraded again, without risking your jailbreak, but leaving you the option to revert to 10.1.1 to new, it doesn’t matter if Apple stopped signing this version, which is no longer the case now. Likewise, you could have upgraded to iOS 10.2 and downgraded to 10.1.1 even now when Apple stopped signing that version.

It is likely that a fraction of the number of usually successful jailbreaks around this time, although iPhone 7 users have likely taken the plunge with nothing to lose since no jailbreaks have so far been available for these. devices, released only a few months ago. I will report back with any further news on the jailbreak, so be sure to follow me on Twitter or Facebook for all the latest tips and guides.

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