iOS 9.1 “Jailbreak release date”: iOS 9.2 beta 4 features, news, beta 5 rumors and iPhone 7

Apple recently released the new iOS 9.2 beta 4 for its users around the world, and this is the second major update for iOS 9. You can now download and install iOS 9.2 Beta 4 if you have opted for Apple’s beta test program. If you are not registered as a developer or beta tester, you can register through this link. However, if you don’t want to sign up as a developer or tester, but want to try the new update, you can download it directly from iModZone Downloads through this link. Keep in mind that once you upgrade from iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.2 beta, you might not be able to roll back to iOS 9.1,

Synchronization of AT&T numbers: This new feature is only applicable to AT&T users, and it will essentially allow iPads and Macs to act as a smartphone without needing the iPhone associated with that phone number, so you can receive and pass calls with your other Apple devices after adding the device with NumberSync to an AT&T Mobile sharing plan.

Arabic support in Siri: iOS 9.2 will support Arabic language in Siri.

Updated 3D touch effects: Users reported that the iPhone 6s provided a smoother 3D touch experience than the iPhone 6s Plus, due to a larger screen containing more pixels. This new update could fix the issue and upgrade our two new iPhone 6s models in terms of 3D Touch experience.

Update of the application switcher for iPad Air 2: Users reported that the iPad Air 2’s App Switcher feature does not perform as well as previous iPad models, and it appears to have been improved with iOS 9.2 and therefore should be as good as previous iPad models.

Faster scanning on Safari: Safari’s hidden feature lets you swipe the top left corner to go back and the top right corner to go forward, but users reported that this feature was late when you tried the same move more than 2 times, however. , the new update seems to have fixed this problem as well.

Bug fixes: Several bugs will be fixed in the update, such as issues with iCloud Keychain, Apple Watch syncing, and the quality of audio streamed through stereos.

We recently reported that the ‘Springtomize’ jailbreak for iOS 9 has been released, which is very popular in the jailbreak scene because it comes with a ton of different settings in one app which can give you all the freedom of customization to suit your needs. No current date has surfaced for IOS 9.1 jailbreak released, but the developers are probably targeting the next version: iOS 9.2. As you may already know, the Pangu team were the first to jailbreak iOS 9 using their latest Pangu 9 jailbreak tool and claim to have a new jailbreak tool, Pangu 9.2, which allows you to stay connected to Cydia iOS 9.2 jailbreak updates right on your device without having to jailbreak it.

There are no official dates for the public release of iOS 9.2, however, the company never went past one. beta 5 and we wouldn’t expect that to change with iOS 9.2. iOS 9 beta 4 is pretty impressive, so we could see the final version coming soon without GM for an intermediate version – it can go from beta to final.

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