Michigan celebrities Jeff Daniels and Tim Allen lend recognizable voices to political duel ads

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  • Jeff Daniels and Tim Allen.

One is an esteemed and award-winning actor and musician who, yes, starred in a movie where his stupid character had an explosive fecal emergency wearing a bolo tie; the other, the voice of the beloved children’s space toy Buzz Lightyear at Pixar Toy story franchise, and who, as a white dude, has complains about not being able to use the n-word and once compared be a curator in Hollywood to live in 1930s Germany.

Where Michigan natives Jeff Daniels and Tim Allen come together, uh, sort of, is to lend their voice to political ads – albeit, of course, for opposing parties and candidates.

In a momentum 30-second ad titled “Together” posted on YouTube On Tuesday and scheduled to begin airing on local television on Wednesday, Allen is lending his “Pure Michigan” voice in favor of Republican US Senate candidate John James.

“Michigan, a place where people respect each other, love each other,” says Allen. “Michigan – it’s John James, who stands up for our country, offers a healing hand, creates jobs that matter.”

This is not the first time that the Home improvement star – who also attended President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017 and once starred in an unfortunate Native American stereotypical children’s comedy Jungle 2 Jungle – supported a presidential candidate. In 2016, he was in favor of former Ohio Governor John Kasich, who, as Detroit Free Press note, a approved Biden this year.

“Politically I’m kind of an anarchist if you see my stand-up,” Allen said Weekly entertainment in 2018. “I am for a responsible government that does what we pay them to do, I have had different jobs, I have had a colorful past and I pay a lot of taxes. I wish we had more for our money.

Daniels, a vocal critic of Trump – just listen to his recent folk song “Trumpty Dumpty Blues”, Which drags the president’s response to the coronavirus – takes a more solemn approach to his more than two minutes for Biden Announcement #AmericaNeedsMichigan. The spot was produced by Don Winslow Films and focuses on “Midwestern values” and the struggle of blue collar workers and various industries suffering under Trump’s America.

Using images of farmers, empty sports arenas, factory workers, food aid lines and shocking images of body bags piling up in a Detroit hospital at the start of the coronavirus crisis, Daniels is targeting Trump, never by name, but by his laundry list of mischief.

“Here in Michigan, we don’t believe in paying pornstars to be quiet about who we really are. And we don’t think much of a man who disrespects women, ”Daniels said, revealing an image of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, a frequent Trump target, sitting on a Coney Island. “In fact, we don’t think he is really a man at all.”

The video spot also features footage of Biden receiving the Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama, comforting children and honoring American servicemen and women while wearing a face mask.

“I am Jeff Daniels. I grew up in Michigan. I have lived here most of my life. Always do it, ”he says. “I voted for Joe Biden.”

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