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Apple shared a new privacy-focused ad highlighting how its Application Tracking Transparency feature stops various types of tracking on the iPhone.

The commercial follows an average smartphone user in their daily activities.

Throughout the video, daily tasks and interactions – meant to mirror common apps – cause people to collect more data on him and follow him, Apple Insider reports.

Finally, the protagonist is surrounded by a large group of people collecting all his data. But when he takes out his iPhone and activates ATT, they all start to disappear.

The world’s largest social media company has disagreed with Apple’s “ Application Tracking Transparency ” feature …

The commercial is part of the ongoing “Privacy. That’s iPhone” advertising campaign, and follows a more explanatory ATT video that was released in late April.

Apple rolled out ATT in iOS 14.5 as part of a larger privacy policy. It’s a relatively simple change that requires all apps to gain permission before tracking users to other apps and websites, the report says.

Although praised by digital rights and privacy groups, the feature has been criticized by ad-dependent companies like Facebook, he added.

An analytics report in early May found that 96% of iPhone users use ATT to opt out of tracking.

A separate survey of smartphone users in the United States suggested the majority supported Apple’s privacy policy, and at least 36% said ATT was their favorite iOS 14.5 feature.

As part of the new app tracking policy in the latest versions of iOS (including iOS 14.5), Apple requires app developers to obtain express consent from device owners to enable their identifier for advertisers. (IDFA) to be shared and collected between applications.

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