No iOS 11 jailbreak release as Cydia creator Jay Freeman (Saurik) says jailbreak is dead?

The jailbreak is dead and jailbreak fans saw it coming – hackers couldn’t fully unlock iOS 10 and iOS 9, and more with the case of the former. And there aren’t any solid indicators that iOS 11 will be jailbroken and if there is to be one, it’s best not to jailbreak at all.

This is according to Jay Freeman, better known as Saurik or the man responsible for Cydia. Free man, Mac Cult said, made the public jailbreak possible. Its Cydia predated that in the App Store, which means that even before Apple-approved apps made their way to iPhones, jailbreak settings were the optimal solutions for many users. But this is no longer the case.

Saurik said jailbreaking for the early days meant stuffing the iPhone with killer features that Apple banned. The solution was seen as liberating for millions of users who had almost unlimited access for device customization. This is hardly the case with recent versions of jailbreak, which, if not semi-attached, have remained in beta. For the vast majority of jailbreak fans, the jailbreak tools were mostly unusable.

“It used to be that you had great features that were almost the reason you owned the phone. And now you get a little minor tweak,” Freeman said, quoted by the report.

Freeman added that the public jailbreak is at a stalemate at this point. “When fewer people care about jailbreaking, fewer developers are targeting interesting things, which means there is less reason for people to get by.” The following is certain death and this is the current state of jailbreaking, the famous developer said.

And fellow developer Nicholas Allegra agrees. Allegra, a pioneer in the jailbreak scene, is convinced that “jailbreaking is practically dead”. He can’t imagine the movement returning to its old glory days unless a new hacker with Rockstar status comes on the scene. Cult of Mac said it would have been the creator of the Yalu jailbreak, Luca Todesco, but the Italian security researcher likely saw the writings on the wall. He stopped the jailbreak.

Now, that seems to be the main reason jailbreaking is gradually fading – key players or jailbreak makers have become an endangered species. They’re coming out at the same rate they’ve been recognized, and for a whole host of valid reasons.

On the one hand, it has become more and more difficult to crack an iOS version, not thanks to the security improvements rolled out by Apple. And even in the event of a jailbreak opening, the developers quickly realized that the door they unlocked also serves as an entry point for vulnerabilities. So they end up with half-baked solutions, which, as mentioned, are largely ineffective.

But for some developers, the public jailbreak is no longer rewarding as they have moved on to better places – high paying jobs. Or for those who have chosen to pursue private security research, the payoff is even better. Cult of Mac said that up to $ 1 million in bounties awaited hackers willing to sell discovered bugs and exploits.

This should explain why the motivation is now too low for many developers to continue on the public jailbreak. And almost certainly, the iPhone jailbreak is coming to an end, if it isn’t already dead.

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