OnePlus Nord N200 will only get one major Android update


OnePlus is a trash can.


Why Oneplus does this mid-range thing is beyond me.


Since it’s tied to a carrier, I imagine they’ve made some agreements on it. But it’s understandable that in the future, once ColorOS becomes the unique user interface, Oppo will decide how many updates OnePlus phones will receive. What is or will be the software update by Oppo, that is the question.


And there are cheaper phones with lower quality specs, but they get updated with at least 2 years of major OS updates, which frankly means an avoidable disappointment all around.


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OnePlus appears to be on a race to the bottom 🤔


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I’d rather have 3 years of security patches and no new android than to have 1 android and only 1 year of patches.


Personally, I don’t think it makes a big difference. I haven’t really noticed any significant improvements in the last two Android updates. What would be more important to me is that the phones are well optimized and run the software that I love when I buy them. If so, updates (other than security fixes) aren’t that important. Unfortunately, with manufacturers releasing so many models, that’s not the case now. Cameras and software are often not optimized long before release. Updates are therefore needed to improve the situation. Updates also sometimes lead to negative optimization, so they don’t always improve phones. If companies released fewer models, software optimization should at least in theory be better, as the same resources would be spread across fewer phones. Oneplus is probably getting worse in this regard as they release more models, but probably haven’t increased the number of affected employees as quickly as the models are being developed.


3 hours agoi dont understand why oneplus update policy is so dreadful, even xiaomi offers 2 android … moreOh really, Xiaomi is giving 2 Android updates to their phones under $ 200?
From my recollection my Redmi Note 5 only received one Android update but 3 MIUI updates.
And it doesn’t look like the Redmi Note 7 and Redmi Note 8 have Android 11.
OnePlus needs to improve its software support for its flagship products, however.


i dont understand why oneplus update policy is so dreadful even xiaomi offers at least 2 android updates

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