Pangu iOS 10.2 Jailbreak still possible as Yalu JB tool by L

Apple Inc. continues to update its iOS 11 firmware ahead of its release this summer 2017. (Photo: YouTube / EverythingApplePro)

A Team Pangu jailbreak tool based on iOS 10.2 remains very likely – at least that’s what jailbreak fans would like to believe as frustration builds over the current state of Luca Todesco’s available iOS crack. The tool remains in beta and is largely useless for most jailbreak fans.

A Reddit The thread seems to highlight the general sentiment over Todesco’s Yalu JB tool – which is unusable due to its beta status and a host of annoying limitations. To be fair, the creator made it clear that not all iPhones and iPads are supported and there are a lot of annoying things that put users off. Cydia is not fully supported as well as most jailbreak tweaks.

And there’s the issue of stability, which is actually so problematic that Todesco itself has advised users to stay away unless they have some form of developer skills. The hacker, however, indicated that work is underway to bring Yalu’s jailbreak not only out of the beta zone, but also from version 10.1.1 to version 10.2.

But when exactly that happens, Todesco won’t say and judging by the same post on Reddit, many believers are getting restless. Some are actually convinced that Yalu’s jailbreak will never come out of beta.

Still, the hope remains that a 10.2 jailbreak will soon be dropped if a report by Neurogadget is to believe, which says “Pangu is still working on an iOS 10 jailbreaking tool.” The exact basis for this claim is unclear, but the report seems to hinge its hope on the idea that Team Pangu from China has successfully smashed Apple’s mobile operating system in the past, so why not the latest version.

“It looks like Pangu may be waiting for Apple to release its iOS update so that it can release its jailbreak tool as well. This would mean that Apple wouldn’t be able to come up with a security patch right away, users could. therefore use their tool “declared report, echoing in a way similar arguments in the past.

And it would – Pangu is just waiting for the perfect time to release his jailbreak job. The perfect time is for Apple to release a big update, to which Team Pangu will respond by finalizing a jailbreak version certified to withstand firmware updates that contain jailbreak killers.

However, the big question arises: when exactly will the next version of Pangu jailbreak, which in July 2016 demonstrated that iOS 10 is open to jailbreak? Too bad it’s a mystery that the same Neurogadget report failed to clear up.

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