Pixel 6/6 Pro’s fingerprint reader stops working if the battery reaches 0%


What do you hope it works once your battery is at 0% (ZERO PERCENT, NADA, NO MORE,) the phoke begging you to charge it lol that’s hilarious …. lol


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Must be because one of google’s best security measures ….. / s


AngryLituanian, 6 hours agoWhich phone works after reaching 0%? Who cares. Useless article.You should read before commenting. Common sense would tell you that they don’t speak because the battery reaches zero, it will not work at that time, it will not work after recharging it


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How many problems are there now? Pixel series every year is plagued by problems this year seems to be the worst

I can’t wait to see what will ruin the sequel: /

If you want Android, get Samsung


has unloaded mine twice now and had no issues with the fingerprint reader.


yalim, 5 hours agoThe battery reaches 0% and the phone switches off. What is the point of using the fingerprint reader of a … more… if it charges, it may be at 0%.


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Miles udobic, 3 hours agoWhat’s new google? .. you have to settle this .. as soon as possibleThe irony is how buggy Android Google is.

Back in the days of the Nexus 4 and 5 it was good, the phone was very cheap and had solid specs.

But now when they’re at € 790 / € 1099 in my country for Pixels, I expect better stability.

Still, it’s the same as it was back with the Nexus line.

Pixels are the best when running a custom ROM, this is the main reason to get them eventually.


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What’s new google? .. you have to settle this .. as soon as possible


What’s the joke. Pixel belongs to a cemetery.


Well his google doesn’t expect miracles.
They should find and fix this problem before the phone is released.
But a multi-billion dollar company can’t afford it.
Rather, they object to the consequences later.


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Just do an FR immediately after purchase, then set up your device and all issues will be resolved.
I have always done this for each smartphone, because the operating system is not really installed but only “transferred”.


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Dropping it down to 0% is also detrimental to your battery. Keep your battery between 20-85% throughout the day if you want your battery to stay healthy.


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“Cannot make phone calls with the Pixel 6 when the battery reaches 0%”


If Google spent less time harvesting people’s data and selling it to anyone, and made an effort to make reliable phones, could they sell more, Samsung or I phone? Choices?.


AngryLituanian, 6 hours agoWhich phone works after reaching 0%? Who cares. Useless article.You just showed everyone that you are too lazy to read the whole article …


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The article says:

If you let the battery go to 0%, the fingerprint scanner will not work even if you charge the phone.
Only factory reset can solve.
You must plug it in before it turns off.


So many people misinterpret the headline that they forgot that there is an entire article to read. MDR.


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Google is just trolling its customers, lol.


Spanky, 7 hours agoIn my opinion, the solution is simple: buy a Xiaomi phone (or a similar brand), because they … moreThe fingerprints on mine MI 11 Lite 5g died two months after I bought it … do you really think Xiaomi can make a good phone? This year they presented around 40 models and it’s not even the end of the year … Crazy …


AngryLituanian, 6 hours agoWhich phone works after reaching 0%? Who cares. Useless article.Read what it says, even if you charge the phone the fingerprint reader will only work if you reset again and reload all your contacts and apps.

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