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SC State House (photo to use free – Flickr)

This is the year of COVID-19. Whether you’re looking for a solo adventure or something for the whole family, finding it is probably a lot harder than it used to be. A local business has a creative response that works for any size group, however.

The grounds of the South Carolina State House can become a safe and easily socially distanced playground for a person, group or teams competing against each other, and all of this has the added benefit of learning a bit of local history, thanks to at Puzzling Adventures.

The company offers an interactive scavenger hunt, leading participants throughout the capital’s park, in search of everything from historical monuments to particular trees and flowers. Do you know where the original State House was or where to find a connection to the USS Maine? What about Swanson Lunsford’s final resting place? If you will, you will do well.

The hunt is designed to last around two hours, but the haste is up to the players. Some might choose to make it a race, while others see it more as a guided tour combined with a challenge and take their time exploring it all.

Those who want to make it into a game can choose to share their results online, with an updated leaderboard showing the fastest times and most points (points are scored by entering the correct answers based on the information found on the terrain, and taking pictures at certain locations found while solving clues). The Farr family is the current Columbia champion.

You will find more information on the hunts on aventurespuzzling.com.

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