Ruby Rose supports Wallis Day redesign as Kate Kane on Batwoman

Ruby Rose is very excited about the redesign of Wallis Day as Kate Kane in Batwoman. The actress says she was aware of the replacement in advance.

Ruby Rose is delighted to cast Wallis Day as new Kate Kane in Batwoman. First appeared in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover, Elsewhere, Rose’s Kate Kane was derived into her own TV series, which premiered on The CW in October 2019. The show shared the continuity with other Arrowverse shows, and during its first season it followed the Crimson Knight through his adventures in Gotham City. Initially, Rose’s portrayal of Kate was well received by critics, and it appeared the actress would stick around for a while. But after season 1, Rose quit Batwoman, paving the way for Javicia Leslie’s Ryan Wilder to become the new leader. Eight episodes in, Season 2 has already established Ryan as Gotham’s newest hero, and now he’s moving forward to address the plight of the original vigilante.

After Rose left Batwoman, There were rumors that her character would be recast, but they were crushed when showrunner Caroline Dries announced the casting of Leslie. Dries, nonetheless, stated that the character of Kate would not be written off, in fact her disappearance would be incorporated as a central plot in season 2. During season 2, it was suggested that Kate had died in a car accident. plane off screen. But as the series progressed, it became clear that this was not the truth. In the last moments of BatwomanOn the last episode 208 of “Survived Much Worse”, Kate was officially revealed to be alive. Soon after, the series also confirmed that the role had been recast, with Krypton the Wallis Day star takes over from Rose.

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Now, TV line reported that Rose had reacted to Day’s casting, suggesting that she had “nothing but good vibesfor the actress. On Monday afternoon, a day after Kate Kane’s redesign was confirmed, Rose shared a fan’s tribute to her original superheroine on her Instagram story. , Rose congratulated Day on her new role, revealing that she knew about the cast ahead of time. Responding to fans who tagged her in various posts honoring her version of the character, Rose added that she felt well about the redesign and that she was excited to see Day put herself in her shoes. Check out Rose’s post below:

Ruby Rose reacts to Batwoman Kate Kane redesign

Previously, it was believed that Rose would appear in a cameo role in Batwoman season 2 to explain to fans what happened to Kate Kane. In fact, Rose had even stated that she was ready to come back to the show, although it wouldn’t help the story to focus too much on her. But now, with Rose’s reaction to Day’s casting, it’s quite clear that there is no possibility of Rose returning to the show, and the actress has pleasantly passed her coat on to Day, who will be soon to be considered a “modified version” of Kate. .

Rose’s response to the redesign is a powerful example of female artists supporting each other in the entertainment industry. When Leslie was first announced for Batwoman, Rose also supported her casting, and now she’s also giving Day strength. This means that there is no disagreement between Rose and the Batwoman decision makers, despite what early speculation surrounding its release may have suggested. While Day fans are very excited that she dons the batsuit after her spectacular stint as Nyssa-Vex in Krypton, some Batwoman enthusiasts are disappointed that Rose does not return to the show. But with the actress encouraging the redesign herself, let’s hope fans get used to Day’s new role soon and embrace her as the new Kate Kane.

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Source: TV line, Ruby rose

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