Xiaomi has developed a device that charges a cell phone in 8 minutes

xiaomi has developed a device capable of recharging a mobile phone in a few minutes

The first of the two ultra-fast chargers introduced by Xiaomi is 200W and can charge a smartphone in just 8 minutes, which is a real achievement. The second charger is “wireless” and can charge a 4 mAh battery in just 120 minutes thanks to its 15 W power.

On the other hand, Xiaomi, which pushes the limits of fast charging a little further every day, stands out from its competitors by offering alternative solutions to batteries with limited capacities. In addition, the shortening of the charging times of the phones poses the problem of comparing other characteristics of the products to be put in the background.

In fact, besides the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra, it also offered a fast charger with a capacity of 120 Watts. However, fast charging processes also have a direct impact on battery life due to the heat generated during this process. Essentially for this reason, the manufacturer turned to a more traditional 11 watt charger model with the Mi 55.

While trying to find a more sustainable alternative to lithium batteries, manufacturers must find solutions to preserve the integrity of existing batteries despite rapid and frequent charging.

Source: China International Radio

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