Xiaomi’s 200W charging tech could hit phones next year

Over the years, we’ve seen how companies have pushed the boundaries in fast charging technology. In fact, earlier this year Xiaomi actually showed something they were working on in the form of its 200W HyperCharge technology. This charges a phone to 100% in 8 minutes, which is very impressive.

If you were hoping to see this technology become a reality, you might be interested to learn that it could happen in 2022. That’s according to a report from MyDrivers that cites “some bloggers” who claim to know Xiaomi’s plan for this fast charging. technology and how it could reach the company’s flagship phones in 2022.

Xiaomi’s HyperCharge was actually shown on demo on a modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro handset, which means that current devices don’t seem to be compatible with the technology. However, this has led to speculation that Xiaomi may in fact introduce the technology in the Mi 11 successor, which is expected to arrive in 2022 and will most likely be known as the Mi 12.

For those worried about how quickly charging could degrade their batteries, Xiaomi previously claimed that HyperCharge will degrade a battery’s capacity by 20% after 800 cycles of use, which assumes you charge your battery. phone once a day and it’s not 0-100 each. time, means it would take more than 2 years, which in our opinion is a fair compromise.

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